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Pasteurizers heat every particle of a product to eliminate all pathogens. The heat treatment system to be used depends on the properties of the product and the results to be achieved. Nether offers pasteurization solutions to meet a variety of requirements. Various methods of heat treatment can be chosen, depending on the product and shelf-life required, like high temperature - short time (HTST), or ultra high temperature process (UHT) by means of indirect or direct heating.

Cleaning SYSTEMS

Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems are automated systems for cleaning the interior of food and beverage processing equipment, including pipes, processing vessels, tanks, spiral freezers, mixers, blenders, homogenizers, and associated fittings, without disassembling the process. The ability to clean in-place increases the quality of the product, the safety of the consumer, and the profits of the company.

  • Faster than manual cleaning
  • Less labor required
  • No need to disassemble or reassemble


Hot Sets utilize steam to indirectly heat the product to the correct temperature with precision control and dependability.  

Our Hot Sets are designed to match your specific application. Temperature, flow rate, steam supply, and condensate recovery are all considered when designing each system.

Product Recovery (PIG)

SUD PIGS provide a highly efficient cleaning action for smaller-bore pipes. With the ability to traverse 1.5D bends and still maintain a tight seal, these pigs are ideally suited for evacuating and recovering valuable product and total line evacuation.


  • Food and Beverage
  • Packaging, loading, process, and product line cleaning
  • Can be run at low pressures
  • Accommodate pipe ID variations


  • Flexible
  • Very efficient cleaning action
  • Available in food grade polyurethane, Nitrile, Viton, and other materials
  • Can be cleaned in place and form part of an automated system
  • For pipe sizes up to 12"
  • Available with magnets for remote detection


Chart recorders are used to record various processing signals. The process consists of a pen or multiple pens that are deflected over a piece of paper in proportion to the signal received. This creates a visible graph of the data. Many modern chart recorders can also record information digitally for viewing on a computer.

A common style is a circular chart recorder, which records data in a circular format. Circular chart recorders are ideal for batch processes where a set process time is known. The charts are normally designed to rotate in regular intervals, such as 1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days, etc., although many recorders are flexible enough to accommodate non-standard time periods.


Our custom A-frame cheese presses are made of stainless steel and designed for efficient operations and use of space. 

  • Handles large quantities of cheese
  • For use of rectangular and round cheese hoops
  • Angled stacks are used for optimal drainage
  • Custom configurations also available
  • Vertical design uses less floor space
  • Meets or exceeds USDA sanitary standards


Our local and domestic manufacturing partners work with our installation and sales teams to provide the best tanks for a variety of applications, ranging from large to small, heating or cooling.

Our extensive product line of auxiliary equipment, such as agitators, valves, pumps, and instrumentation, are components we can help specify and size to ensure the tank matches your application perfectly. 

Nether Industries has over 20 years’ experience of installing, transporting, and modifying tanks for the food and beverage processing industries.


Simplicity, automation, and uptime are considered with every valve cluster installation.

A valve cluster allows the flow path, or paths, to reach multiple destinations in unloading, batching, or CIP applications. Having several flow control points centralized to a valve cluster means maintenance techs can easily and readily access all valves requiring maintenance at the same time. Installing the valve cluster on ground level means no more lifts or ladders to access hard-to-service valves.

Seal kits, replacement stems, actuators, and other valve maintenance components are in stock at Nether’s warehouse.

Fastfeed Mixers

Solves Processing Problems

The Fastfeed powder induction and dispersion system inducts, wets, and disperses ingredients instantly eliminating agglomerates. Proteins, gums, starches, vitamins, fiber, sweeteners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavors, and colors are dispersed at rates up to 500 pounds per minute in a single pass. It consumes up to 70% less energy than conventional tank mixers and batch-to-batch inconsistencies are eliminated as powders are introduced at the same rate every time. Batch times and air entrainment are also reduced because powders. Dust from dumping powders into open top tanks is also eliminated. Operator safety is also enhanced as powders are added from the safety of floor level.

The Fastfeed can make any size batch and typically in half the time because powders are inducted into the liquid stream while the batch tank is being filled. Operators add all powdered and liquid ingredients from the safety of floor level. From gums to stabilizers to proteins and sweeteners, the Fastfeed easily and consistently inducts gums, stabilizers, emulsifiers, proteins, starches, sweeteners, APIs, vitamins, flavors, colors and more! All powders are dispersed directly into the blend tank, so there are no time-consuming pre-blends or “side batches” that require processors to fill, add powder, mix, transfer, and repeat.

Solves Processing Problems

  • Slow batch times
  • Lumps, clumps, or fisheyes
  • Clogged strainers
  • Inconsistent powder incorporation
  • Batch-to-batch inconsistencies
  • Inefficiencies dispersing more powder into less water
  • Dusting
  • Air entrainment
  • Operator injuries/safety considerations



The SaniForce 2.0 Drum Unloader evacuates medium to high viscosity material from 55 gallon drums without diluting or heating ingredients. With up to 99% evacuation rate, the SaniForce 2.0 Drum Unloader improves production efficiency by increasing container change out speed and provides a superior alternative to manual scooping for improved food and employee safety. Common applications include the transfer of tomato paste, peanut butter, jams and jellies, icing and frosting, caramels, corn syrups, toothpaste, and more.

  • Up to 99% evacuation rate of medium to high viscosity materials without diluting or heating the contents
  • Superior alternative to manual scooping for improved food and employee safety
  • Automated controls remove unnecessary operator interaction and automate the unload process
  • FDA-compliant inflatable ram plate seal securely fits straight-sided and tapered drums with high evacuation rates and faster change-out of containers
  • Sanitary flange clamps allow quick disassembly for easy cleaning and sanitizing and minimal downtime

Pump Carts

We fabricate carts for both positive displacement (PD) and centrifugal pumps. Our standard carts consist of 304 stainless steel tubing and fittings with solid rubber wheels. Stainless plates support the pump and motor assembly as well as the optional VFD. The carts are sized according to specified pump and motor assembly. Custom options and configurations are available upon request.

Pump Bases

Our pump bases are formed from ¼” thick 304 stainless steel plate and sized according to the pump and motor combination specified. The plate is set on either 2” heavy duty stainless steel adjustable feet or poly casters. Included in the base package are the coupling set and stainless coupling guard. Custom options and configurations are available upon request.