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Stainless Steel Fabrication and Installation

With a complete fabrication shop, waterjet, and drafting services, Nether Industries can handle all your food and beverage processing needs. Our sanitary 3A TIG welding is unrivaled. For the best production, you need the best crew. No job is too big or too small. Our welders can manufacture custom assemblies in-house or travel on-site. Tell us your schedule and we’ll work with you!
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As a certified pump repair facility for Waukesha Cherry-Burrel we provide all aspects of repair for your Waukesha pumps. Our technician provides a quick turnaround in providing the repair estimate. We also offer a complete on-site maintenance program.
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What Others Are Saying

Nether Industries is an immense help to our company.  They are more than just another vendor or contractor, they have become a part of our team.  They are there for us anytime we need them and get the job done exactly as requested, including weekend work as needed.  We know we can always count on them, even in an emergency situation, and greatly appreciate everything they do to keep our business running as smoothly as possible.

Theresa Chan

Weston Foods

I have worked with Nether Industries since they were established over 25 years ago.  When they started, we primarily used them for parts.  As they became more established, they have become my “go to” company anytime we need sanitary welding done.   With their growing shop capabilities, they have only gotten better in their ability to serve their customers.   At Milne, we process several different fruits through our plant and every one of them has a different process.  Nether has been able to help us find and install equipment to accommodate all the different products to be a successful company.   We will continue to utilize Nether for parts and for projects as their service and knowledge is second to none.

Bruce DeJong
Milne Fruits

Jeremy McCarthy and Debra Vanous are excellent members of Nether Industries, Inc.

The service they provide is most pleasant. Quotes are generated in a timely fashion, and deliveries are prompt and without problems.

I highly recommend doing business with Nether Industries.

Karin Wheeler