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W+ centrifugal pumps from SPX FLOW are designed to achieve total cost optimization with high efficiency and product dependability. They are installed in countless process facilities around the world helping producers meet stringent production requirements.

The W+ Pump runs with the same rugged reliability you've come to expect from SPX FLOW products. Its versatile design helps increase process efficiency and maximize productivity while offering several innovative features such as:

  • Reliable and heavy duty design
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet performance with minimal vibration
  • Superior shaft seal design
  • High pressure capability
  • 3-A
  • Designed for CIP (Cleaning In Place) as well as SIP (Sterilizing In Place)
  • Suitable for wide variety of food, beverage and pharmaceutical products
  • Wide range of optional features available
  • Easy and cost effective maintenance

Seal Advantages

  • Internal seal design optimizes cooling and lubrication of seal surfaces while the seal chamber is built to efficiently dissipate heat. Both work to reduce risk of "dry-running"
  • Directed flow assures thorough cleaning of seal area
  • The stationary spring is located outside the product contact area to maintain cleanliness
  • Two sizes cover all models
  • Front loading seal simplifies maintenance: only the pump housing and impeller have to be disassembled, then the product seal faces can be replaced quickly from the front
  • Can easily be rebuilt into a double mechanical shaft seal for use with water flushing or with a barrier medium for aseptic applications
  • Double mechanical is mirror image of single: same seal faces and o-rings

Product Callouts

  • Backplate
  • Flush seal
  • Staionary seal face
  • Spring
  • Shaft
  • Rotating product seal face
  • Impeller


1750 RPM (3500 RPM)1750 RPM (3500 RPM)
10/81.5 (38)1 (25)4.3 (110)32 (65)17 (68)
22/202 (51)2 (51)5.6 (142)85 (175)34 (138)
25/2106 (152)4 (102)11.4 (290161134
30/804 (102)3 (76)3 (76)315 (650)43 (171)
30/1204 (102)3 (76)6.9 (175)410 (810)47 (190)
35/352.5 (65)2 (51)6.9 (175)142 (280)49 (198)
35/553 (76)2.5 (65)7.1 (180)230 (465)50 (200)
50/81.5 (38)1 (25)7.9 (200)42 (85)68 (275)
55/352.5 (65)1.5 (38)8.3 (210)140 (245)76 (302)
55/603 (76)2 (51)8.7 (220)305 (615)78 (315)
60/1104 (102)3 (76)9.1 (230)475 (975)90 (359)
65/3506 (252)4 (102)10.2 (260)1250 (2300)98 (390)
70/402.5 (65)1.5 (38)9.4 (240)110 (235)98 (390)
80/803 (76)2 (51)10 (255)310 (625)112 (450)
MaterialsPort ConnectionsMotor
CasingSS 316LTri-clamp® connections are standard. Bevel seat, I-line, ISO and other standard fittings are available as well as special aseptic connections for sterile flushing of Wa+.TEFC or Washdown enclosures available. Energy-efficient, Chem-duty, Explosion Proof and stainless steel also available, as well as single phase or three phase, 60 or 50 Hz
ImpellerSS 316L
Impeller NutSS 316L
Back PlateSS 316L
ShaftSS 316L
Clamp RingsSS 304
AdaptorSS 304
SupportSS 304
Shaft SealCarbon/Silicon Carbide Optional: Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide
ElastomersFKM Optional: EPDM, PTFE

The W+ range consists of several standard models with pressure and flow capacities to 360 psi (25 bar) and to 2,300 GPM (522 m3/hr), and a number of special versions which may be specifically adapted to customer requirements. The W+ pumps are modular so that any pumping job can be done with a perfectly customized W+ pump.

Need help with a custom W+-Series pump configuration? We can help. Contact us and we will make the process simple and easy. 



MODEL 2045


FRAME**A in (mm)**AB in (mm)**CP in (mm)D in (mm)***F in (mm)LP in (mm)MP in (mm)**O in (mm)
145JM9.32 (237)5.73 (145)17.52 (445)3.50 (89)0.88 (22)2.92 (74)3.43 (87)7.10 (180)
182JM9.32 (237)5.73 (145)18.90 (480)4.50 (114)0.88 (22)2.92 (74)3.43 (87)8.10 (206)
184JM11.11 (282)6.87 (174)20.15 (512)4.50 (114)1.09 (28)2.92 (74)3.43 (87)8.49 (216)

**Motor dimensions may vary depending on motor manufacturer.

 ***F dimension = conduit size


MODELINLET in (mm)OUTLET in (mm)X in (mm)Y in (mm)Z in (mm)
20451.5 (40)1.5 (40)3.88 (98)1.81 (46)2.25 (57)
20452.0 (50)1.5 (40)3.88 (98)1.81 (46)2.25 (57)

NOTES: Pump dimensions are based on S-Line connectors.

Dimensions are for guidance purposes only.


The 200 Series one-piece impeller/shaft sleeve design not only extends the life of seals, but it reduces the number of shaft seal sizes to one, resulting in a minimum spare parts inventory requirement.

These stationary seals are designed to last longer with a siliconized carbon (standard) lapped seat that is replaceable and reversible. This provides an excellent mating surface for the variety of rotary seals including food grade hard carbon, siliconized carbon, silicon carbide and tungsten carbide. No matter how demanding your application, there’s a Waukesha seal that’s tough enough to handle it.

Waukesha’s pump offering includes eight sizes of pumps from 4.5” (114 mm) to 10.5” (267 mm) impeller diameter. All use the same size seal.

Combination Seal Options:

  • Single external mechanical seal
  • Single mechanical with a water cascade
  • Double mechanical seal

Elastomer Material Options:

  • Fluoroelastomer (FKM) O-Ring Standard
  • EPDM
  • Silicone
  • Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

Example Mechanical Seal Options:

  • John Crane Type 8-1 (inside mounted seal)
  • John Crane Type 8B2 (outside mounted seal)
  • John Crane Type 8-1 Double Seal
  • John Crane Type 9 (inside mounted seal)
  • John Crane Type 9 Double Seal
  • John Crane Type 21 (inside mounted seal)
  • John Crane Type 21 (Double seal)
  • Chesterton 440 (outside mounted seal)
  • Chesterton 880 (inside mounted seal)
  • Flowserve/Durametallic Type “CRO” Double Seal
  • Flowserve/Durametallic Type “RA” (externally mounted seal)
  • Flowserve/Durametallic Type “RO” (internally mounted seal)

An optional water cascade attachment is available for handling products that tend to crystallize. It also protects the seal against overheating due to high vacuum conditions or high product temperatures. 

For particularly adverse applications, 200 Series pumps are also available with an external balanced seal with replaceable silicon carbide mating surface.

The water-cooled rotary double seal (Double Mechanical Seal Cutaway) features two seals fully enclosed with a stainless steel seal housing. Water or other suitable coolant circulates through the housing under moderate pressure to cool the seal surfaces. 

With Water Cascade Option

External Balanced Seal with
Replaceable Mating Surface

Double Mechanical


Manual (English)W+ Series Manual ‖ US
Performance CurvesW+ Series 60Hz Curve Book