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Nether Industries is proud to represent the SPX FLOW line of homogenizers. From the power end to the liquid end, Rannie and Gaulin homogenizers from SPX FLOW are designed and built to exceed your expectations for excellence in quality and technological innovation.

The most critical component of the homogenizing system is the valve technology. SPX FLOW is the world leader in design, construction and materials, taking valve technology further with the largest range of product offerings. The choice between the Rainnie and Gaulin fluid end ensures that you get the right machine for your specific applications, offering the widest range of configurations in the industry. SPX FLOW’s liquid ends are dependable and low maintenance, offering precise operation while meeting all international sanitary specifications.

SPX FLOW’s extensive experience means you receive the right unit and configuration for outstanding performance. Whether extending the shelf stability and improved smoothness and body of dairy products, improved viscosity control and reduced ingredient cost for foods and beverages, or providing smoother textures, better dispersion of thickeners for healthcare and cosmetics, the engineers have the knowledge and expertise to achieve your desired product specifications.