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(AIR REL VAL) Air Relief Valve w/ 180-Degree Elbow

Original price $139.52 - Original price $155.19
Original price
$139.52 - $155.19
Current price $139.52
Size: 1.5"


  • Bleeding of a tube line where an air pocket has formed. This application calls for installation at the top of the tube.
  • Bleeding of a tube on the suction side of a pump. The suction side is bled automatically, before the pump starts, establishing a vacuum. Binding of air to liquid will be prevented, and so will subsequent cavitation. In this application the valve is mounted in front of the pump, on the top of the inlet tube.


  • PTFE valve ball is available
  • Other gasket materials are available


  • The valve ball is constructed of FDA, 3A approved polypropylene.
  • All product contact surfaces have a radius of 1/4" or better.


  • No special tools required
  • Ball and gaskets are replaceable
  • Valve seals are for both pressure and vacuum

How it Works

Allows air to be removed from a line or container without the liquid flowing out. Its design does not allow air to enter the line or container, even if subjected to a negative pressure. It is a double-seated valve with a freely moving polypropylene ball. The ball, which is lighter than water, closes against the upper or lower seat, depending on the pressure conditions.